Reply To: “A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid



Sandy I am impressed, you go girl! Sure their are some good articles on here and one’s that hit close to a person’s heart. ” A sex offender wants to talk to you” This newsreporter that gave this sex offender audience to speak out. Now without telling my age, and while I live over in Virginia now, I was. One of my sister was in the band during the time of the of the plane crash at Marshall. Yes I am from the old school and don’t quite know about a lot of this new stuff.
Yes growing up in the 60′ & 70’s is quite different. Sure I had my weekend warrior times but I came out of it without to much bad influence or getting wrapped up in drugs, even the whole women’s movement and segration and things of that nature. Went to business college even worked out at a few National Parks,met a gal and her girlfriend out their and she is the one that nicked me Saddles but I found out she wasn’t for me as she was more Ivy league and that that wouln’t work.Even our religous backgrounds were different and that was in the 80s. Sure I still wanted to search out more about my life. Here’s a question for everybody.
Who really know’s a sex offender or his or her feelings unless they walk in their shoes. Sure I was on an adult chat site but it seems that didn’t matter. Sure I asked questions as to why that person a teenager was on this site as I said this is an adult site…. Than comes, lies, after lies, after lies.
Now you all knock me out if I’m out of line, you too maestro, and I believe its time for all of us to stand up for everybody caught up in some of this rediculos stuff. See I’m in the era back in the time of Mod Squad and the Fugitive and wholesome progams. Some of the things today are not my bag but this article should be a wake up call to help your neighbor out. I know its tough at times but we all have to carry on.
Tim up their said a well balanced article, Kendel said this stuff is like a catch-22 and I agree with all the other comments. So sometimes we all have to say Power to the people right on!