Reply To: “A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid


I read the full article and also watched the news video clip. This guy was duped by an underage girl who lied and said she was 19. This sort of thing happens time and time again; young teens lying about their ages. Yet all we hear are ‘experts’ talking about reform for the OFFENDER. What damn reform does someone need who was lied to??!!!
How about reform these damn teenagers who are desperate for attention by lying about their ages and going on dating sites that are meant for 18+ ??
I’m sick of this “they’ve paid their debt to society and they have been reformed” crap! What have they been reformed from? Falling for liars?
No one ever touches this topic. They only talk about “Romeo and Juliet” situations.
A young teen who lies about their age is NOT A VICTIM. Period!