Reply To: “A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid

witch hunt

Most likly the most balanced news piece I have read in some time. At least not blatantly biased like some..

Reality is this.. Anything and Everything a person does in life is a series of choices. Some society accepts as good and some society accepts as bad. Every choice has mitigating factors that influence why it is made..Every cycle and choice can be interrupted.That is the fact of life.. The person you are at 5 is not who you are at 15 and not who you are at 25 or 35 or 45..ect…Thoughts,opinions and interests all change as we advance in age.It is extremely rare indeed the person that has the same interests at 45 as when they were 25.
There are many issues with sex crimes, which is why there are many different approaches necessary for rehabilitation.. and all the registries do is hide the issue so that the answers can never be found.. Society does not want answers and it does want a solution!

Here is a small example: There is a large amount of factual science and medical data that supports the possibilities many youthful offenders (12-27) of sex crimes actually have chemical imbalances along with social coping skill disorders that influence their poor decision making process AND that these things can be identified interrupted and/or prevented!! But rather than lean on scientific/medical data and rehabilitate or MAYBE even prevent the crime in the first place,society prefers to incarcerate and brand.. So while society will never admit it society does have the tools to intervene in many cases BUT chooses not to. society’s hands are not clean.

Why is this? Look at history.. society NEEDS someone to hate, someone to torture to make themselves feel better. Slavery of blacks and Irish has been outlawed, Burning witches is no longer acceptable, feeding Christians to lions is challenging since not everyone has lions, blowing Asians up in mines has been decided unacceptable,torturing and castrating the mentally ill isn’t popular anymore,and the Mccarthyism Commie round up has run its course.. someone had to be next.. Since America has never really left its regressive puritan roots creating the sex offender scare is perfect.. The only way it will ever stop in America is when the demons that created it find anouther group of people to assault.. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to see castrations, public executions, electrotherapy and maybe even burnings make a comeback.. You think I am talking extreme? Look at what some states are already doing..