Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I was thinking about something I was told when I first contacted PSP about Muniz. They told me within minutes of the ruling being released, they had dozens of RSO’S calling. This shows the power of Internet communication in the 21st century. My point is this: They want to say “over 10,000” RSO’S will be taken off of the registry due to Muniz and Neiman. I bet if they pass their “fix to Muniz” we could have the entire RSO community mobilized to mount a legal action within hours. Not to mention all the people interested in how our governments do work and believe such a bill would be an overreach of the authority of the General Assembly. I have spoken to at least 30 Non-RSO’s in the last few days who believe they are tripping if they think they can just say “we don’t like this so we are going to legislate around it.” In other words, “Bring it Pa: We will show the awesome power of the 1st amendment.
Oh, and if you get the bright idea of banning RSO’S from social media to stop us from organizing, ask your brothers in North Carolina how that worked out for them!!! So I say bring your bill to restrict where I can live to the floor, bring your bill to “fix Muniz” to the floor. All you doing is making the registry more restrictive, which will bolster my argument that the registry is a violation of the 8th amendment which prevents cruel and unusual punishment.
As in the infamous words of Edward Bulwer-Lytton, “The pen is mightier than the sword!!!’