Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@ Brian,
I can understand you being nervous about meeting someone you meet online. That is why I always always always meet in a public place. Another safety tip o don’t keep my wallet on my person when meeting someone for the first time. The only thing of value I have is cash (if we are meeting to buy/sell and my phone. I always have my phone on me. Before I got into trouble I always had my glock on me but that was YEARS ago. Lost/ sold my guns a LONG time ago. Wow, just realized it’s been 15 years. I lost my guns long before I got into trouble due to Ex girlfriends. I always are sure my battery is fully charged before I leave the house.
I also make sure I have a recording app on my phone. If I start to feel nervous I start recording….. and I always meet the first time during the day time….