Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


From what I understand this is how it is going to work. Now, for Muniz there is no electronic filings yet, so it won’t work as of yet.

Go to http://www.supreme
Too right of screen click on search and then docket search. Type in the docket number. For Muniz it is 17-576. A link should pop up with Muniz’s name. Should say something about Pa vs Muniz. Click on it. Then from what I understand if there is a filing that has been filed electronically in that case there will be a link there for that filing. In other words. You will be able to click on the filing and it should bring it up for you.. Now it is important you understand there is NO electronic filings for Muniz untill Muniz’s legal team filles their brief. The Supreme Court is going to try to electronically file the filings that were filed before today but good luck with that. They get hundreds of filings everyday.

Let me know if you have questions. Once there is a filing I will double check and make sure I have given you correct information
Remember Muniz docckett number is 17-575….