Reply To: Registered citizen sues for the right to live in West St. Paul, Minnesota

Tim lawver

A well formed argument you make.

Now add the powerful abilities of an electronic database to the mix and you get unconstitutional policy motivated behavior for the purpose of party security.

NSA has such a database and have been caught using it for warrantless search. The collection of so called METADATA is another expression of politically driven postures & motivation used by those who operate them for purposes outside of public safety. The NSA databases were presumably owned by the people for the people, AND NOT AGAINST THEM. So while the American people purchased the hardware for the whole of the people, uses by a certain segment to maintain party security is completely outside of constitutionally established purpose.

When THE PEOPLE finally figure out what has gone on since the 1990s, with these databases they will revolt. Some already are. Head on over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to read more at EFF.ORG.