Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


If they try to say that they have “fixed” Muniz and I still need to register after SCOTUS denies Muniz petition, then I will definitely be talking to people about mounting a legal challenge. I already have 12 people who are very interested in joining a legal challenge if this “Muniz fix” passes. I feel very confident financing a legal challenge won’t be difficult once word gets out. However, I think it’s all smoke and mirrors. They get to tell the Public “we introduced a bill”. Besides most people think every bill gets passed, so by just introducing a bill the public will feel safer.
Don’t worry if the time comes, I will defiantly let you guys know. I have a lawyer I am dealing with currently on unrelated business and he feels as though it would defiantly be worth our time and money to mount a challenge if the fix passes and is signed by Wolf.