Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Hello to everyone!

@Chuck @Brian
I am glad you two are still hanging around the forums/comments section & keeping up with news. I also read the articles about the attempts to legislate on SO’s living restrictions & “new fixes to Muñiz”. Amazes me (but not surprises me) every time the powers that may be continue to pursue justice without following/looking to their own laws/laws in the books of the constitutional kind.

Anyhow, if any or both decide to start something legal in nature, post it/make me & other aware so that I may at that time and only at that such arranged time, give each other a way to contact each other (Most likely to meet together with a lawyer[ers] at a very public place since I am not sure NARSOL permits phone numbers, nor would I be 100% comfortable). I am unemployed currently and having a difficult time (thank you Registry/Government/Crusaders) finding employment, but I will sell what little possessions I still have or shovel manure…again…to come up with the $100 (aprox. I am pretty sure is what you mean) you speak off to get representation in court to legally demand/enforce our rights, be finalized with this witch hunt (though the International Megan Law is law and lurking around), and sue the living day & night of everyone involved in damaging our lives/our families in any way. I do not want to be rich as much as to make a point that hurts financially the institutions and individuals that have hurt me financially. And I am not even talking time loss, emotional damage, etc. because, no one will ever be able to repay those. Not ever!