Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Interesting, yea good thing you have to do your photo in pa that would suck going all that way just for the photo, yea everyone automatically thinks all SO’s are going to rape them or there kids and whatnot, that’s not why I am on the list. My brother and his then girlfriend had a friend they set me up with and she lied to them about her age because she wanted to be cool and hangout with the older group so you get my drift with where that went. So one persons lie is the reason I’m here years later, I also could only afford a public pretender so they urged me to take a plea bargain because they were going to throw the book at me. I was never ordered to register as a SO it even says that in my court transcript which I recently requested and had to pay for. But the interesting thing is I had to pay a sex offender surcharge, it clearly states the judge does not recommend me to register. I moved to pa and 2 years later they show up on my door step telling me to register. I didn’t question it because I didn’t think to get my court papers until the whole Muniz thing.