Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Brian,
The funny thing about my NY registration is the only reason I am on the NY registration is due to my conviction in Pa. I lived in Pa and then moved to NY for one year and just becuase I loved there for a year, I have to continue to register there. No one told em this so the first year I moved back I didn’t register. I just happened to notice the letter they mailed this year and called to “friendly” tell them they were wasting their paper becuase I now live in Pa. they said “So what”
I said, Obviously living in Pa I am not required to register in NY and Pa. they said you are wrong. Yes you do. Ny is one of 3 states that once you live there you cannot get off by moving out of state even if your new state makes you register. Or if you go back to your old state like me. I was SHOCKED.

And in Ny if you want to know if I am on the registry you have to show up in person, fill out a form, and tell them why you want to know. If they believe you are just going to harass me, they will deny you. Oh, and it’s cost $55.00 to find out. That really take the fun out of it for people when they find out they have to pay.