Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Brian

Every year they mail me a form. If everything is correct, I sign and return it by mail. If something has changed, I report it on the form. That simple. When I lived in Ny( for one year) no one outside my immediate family and friends knew I was a sex offender. It was great not getting dirty looks from your neighbors.
Pa could do everything by mail if they wanted to. However, I truly believe they set up the registry in Pa to shame people. It was just legal to do so when they did. I think we needed time for the hysteria to calm down. Also, like Justice Kennedy said in Packingham vs North Carolina, the internet has changed since smith vs Doe came out in 2003. That is what make the denial in Snyder so amazing. 3 of the justices that decided Smith are still on the court.

The ability to shame and embarrass us it’s over. Like it or not, the law says you can’t do that forever. How are we suppose to move on with our lives and productive citizens if we are always being branded “Don’t have anything to do with this person becuase they WILL rape your child” Which is not even why I am in the registry. People automatically assume you are there becuase you raped a kid. Not even close.