Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


This is where chit get dangerous. The general public who has to idea how the General assembly works just assumes there is no way someone can vote against a sex offender bill, so once a few months have past, it must have been signed into law. So now the public thinks Muniz doesn’t apply. So all the people that watch your registration (I personally have 2 or 3 haters) will still harass you long after the PSP removed your name. I call them the Chuck Welcome Wagon. They believe it is their duty to let every one in the neighborhood know I am a sex offender
All I want to do is finish school, get my CPA license, find a new wife and enjoy my life. Not necesssrily in that order…LOL. I am not looking to get into trouble or bother anyone else.
I agree with what one of the Pa Supreme Court justices said:” it is in the best interest of the offender and the Commonwealth to have finality to their sentence.”
I agree. How can we rebuild our lives if you just keep increasing the restrictions. Oh, you have to register for life now. Oh, you can’t live by a school now. Oh, you have to wear a sign that says you are a sex offender.
It is funny that you haven’t heard about a sex offender who lives next to a school walking over and raping one of the kids but they feel as though they need to add that restriction becuase “public safety”