Reply To: For a registered sex offender, how much rehabilitation is enough?



How much rehabilitation is enough. Sure we all should ponder on that one. We should also ponder on protecting and serving and truth. Now the law was made for” Truth’ and those in the truth should abide with the truth. Sure I agree that their shouldn’t be any sexual porn or anything like that to entice others but the true answers are two wrongs don’t make a right.
I’m sure everybody is curious as to all this sex offense ordeal and how to explain it away but are all not carnal by nature. Doesn’t the bible say try the spirit?
Remember says their is not a just man upon the face of the earth that doeth good and sinnith not. Protecting is good but it is the way one goes about protecting.
Yes we all on here want to reason this all out and I hate to mention it does bring shame to everyone of us. It also brings guilt to the one’s that set up these operations.
Jesus was never undercover for anything or even with his disciples. Today it seems a lot of these sex stings are out of line in a lot of ways.
Were the Pharisees out of line in a lot of ways. Protecting and serving is good but when it goes against the God’s law than who’s at who’s mercy. How can someone defend one and set one up at the same time. Doesn’t one understand that God’s justice is the best way. Now protecting is good but common sense is a bit better. Even truth and justice for all can go a bit wacko if your not learning the bible and growing I believe everybody should refresh themselves of to the inscription that is on the liberty bell.
Truth and justice is always the best way.