Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Cary and @ Dave
If they design the “new” registry to be “non-punitive ” yes it will apply to pre SORNA. They are also looking into making the new registry be life only. However, I do not think they can design it in such a way that it is non-punitive. We will see. I think they are going to try to pass something before the SCOTUS decision comes down and be like “Oh don’t worry about the Pa Supreme decision. We took care of that. See?? We waived our magic wand which means whatever we don’t like, does not apply.”
I promise you they will have a fight on their hands if they try to “fix” the registry in order to “void” the Muniz decision. I already have been talking to friends about financing a legal fight. Wouldn’t cost more than a few thousand to hire a lawyer. I figure if I get 50 sex offenders willing to donate $100.00 each, that would be enough to at least get started. I am sure as hell going to donate. What burns me the most is that it is THEIR fault there is no Megan’s Law before Adam Walsh. They tried to logroll it and they got caught.