Reply To: Registered citizen sues for the right to live in West St. Paul, Minnesota


You know Robin actually this is a good discussion. Well one lady up in arms on here seems to agree with some of these deceptive tactic’s that are against even biblical knowledge. CW suggest how do we all go about changing a lot of this.
Now the internet was for a good purpose. Even background checks are for good purposes. Can we even say Vietnam was for good and bad purposes or did we just get involved in it to help our neighbors out. Even some went to prison for not wanting to go to war. Some of those in high pleases don’t even stop to smell the roses that are in positions of authority, and I might say some don’t even take a look at bible passages.
I guess its easier, instead of using “shoe leather” to get on a computer and con someone, they call it “under cover”. Now I would not like to get into any of this but I’m in it just like you all.
Sure protecting and serving is good but when it goes against right and wrong and via the internet than that brings up more issues.
Maybe people should go back to CB radio days. Their was nothing like this. I believe Robin hit on a good topic to discuss. Sure we can all be against cat houses and smut magazines but the government gets a kick back on all that.
I believe leaders of the nation should wake up and let people have the right to speak.
Didn’t we all speak out about the Vietnam war?