Reply To: Registered citizen sues for the right to live in West St. Paul, Minnesota


Human behavior? It seems like something is missing here. It’s like man against man with these sex offender issues. Those in law enforcement seem to want to protect and serve but just ponder for a second…. notice I did not use the word “think”. Now when people starting to tell people where to live or issues like that it isn’t very good.
If that’s the case than we should not be allowed to even blend into society. Two wrongs don’t make a right do they?
Sure none of us even wanted to be on here to address these issues but a lot of us are wrapped up in this in one way or another.
And yes I do have a word for a lot of people on here. Sure its good to address issues but sometimes one have to use that two -edged sword, yes Brenda Jones knows what I mean and I’m sure a lot of you all do also. Sure the truth will set you free.
Now I was caught up I an internet sting which I’m sure a lot on here were. Are we all not carnal by nature. Now who ever heard of a minister of God duping someone into a sexual encounter? Yes defending justice is Good but duping someone is not. That in itself is a sin.. Sure they will offer a plea deal to some but actually it was all a cunning issue. Is this country getting out of balance?
And not some people can’t live in certain parts of MN. Who’s world is this man’s world or God’s world? So we all need to step up to the plate to abolish a lot of this sex offender issues such as speaking out on all this subject just as NARSOL is giving us the opportunity to do.
Even some of the sister sites, such as women against the registry are up in arms about all this. If one can go thru life and never get into trouble in some form he or she should hold their breath and thank the lord they never cheated on their taxes or anything else to cause another to stumble. We all need to step up not only for us but for others as a lot of this is so out of balance and uncanny.
I wonder today if people still live under mushrooms.