Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


They know that SCOTUS will deny Mr. Freed’s petition. Plus next year is an “election” year. They also in April passed a useless bill that if you are not compliant with the registry you can’t accept Welfare. YOU ALREADY CANT ACCEPT welfare if you are on the run or their is a warrant out for your arrest. What stupid jerks.
They are frustrated becuase they know that if the registry is considered “punishment” that opens them up to a “cruel and unusual” argument.
My law enforcement buddy told me that they also thought about civil commitment for all pre 2012 sex offenders becuase “ex post facto” doesn’t apply to civil laws. However, they do not have the funds for that. Not yet anyway.
Do you know what BURNS me the most? It is NOT becuase of Muniz I am getting off early. It is becuase of NEIMAN, and that was 100% THEIR FAULT. They tried to log roll a few subjects into one bill so they would pass,and you can’t do that. Each bill had to have one subject.
It’s kind of funny if you think about it. “THERE, we just waived our Magic Wand so that means the Muniz Court Decision does not apply anymore. Waving Magic Wand.”
What do you think the Pa Supreme Court is going to have to say about that??? Bring it, Guys!!
Imagine the State going in front of a Judge and arguing “we can wipe away a court ruling with our magic wand!” It’s going to take the Courts 5 seconds to reject that argument.