Reply To: Registered citizen sues for the right to live in West St. Paul, Minnesota



We all know how dumb residency restrictions are. The folks defending these laws know it too. Sometimes those who believe in something they know isn’t right tend to be real hard to convince otherwise. Because they don’t use logic. And it’s really hard to change someones mind when emotion is involved.

So sue ’em. It’s good news the judge is allowing Thomas to stay and that his landlord supports him. I think he’s gonna beat this. Just my opinion.

What is it with sex in this country? In other countries do people wake up every morning to the news of another celebrity being accused of “sexual misconduct”? We are being conditioned to believe that people like Kevin Spacey are monsters while our reptilian overlords (kidding- not really) destroy the planet.

All a supposed victim has to do is make an accusation and the accused has his life destroyed. Just like that. Must be an incredible feeling of power. Someone brushes a knee decades ago and now it’s breaking headlines??

My opinion is we need to treat many of these sex assault cases as a mental health issue. Right now, if a person has sexual proclivities that are considered deviant, there isn’t much help available. In fact, if a person seeks professional help they may be turned in to the authorities.

Often people tend to punish in others that which they don’t like in themselves. On the one hand, youth is part of the ideal of human beauty. Aren’t most people attracted to youth as opposed to age? I’d bet almost every man on the planet has had a sexual thought about someone under 18. Instead of admitting this we pass laws to destroy anyone who dares cross the line.

I’m not advocating for lowering age of consent….just sort of baffled by the extreme outrage over anything remotely sexual.

Kinda rambled on here, i know. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. Good luck Thomas!!!!!!!!!!