Reply To: Registered citizen sues for the right to live in West St. Paul, Minnesota

Shawna Baldwin

Actually Al when someone is pushed into isolation and treated as if they carry the plague, it can aid in that person committing another crime. That’s not saying it would be a “re-offence” as those rates are lower than society believes. However, family support and friends help people stay on track no matter why they went off track for a while. Everyone needs to have people they can pull strength from when they have none left. When the laws start taking away this very normal need for people it can make them think there is no reason to be doing so well and do everything right for however long they have been labeled a sex offender, because they just keep getting punished anyways. So there are times we can question if all the hard work is worth it when we keep being treated as if we have not grown or learned. Everyone has their price to pay for breaking the law. However with sex offences the punishment never ends.