Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I absolutely love it when someone who is not on the registry or in law enforcement tries to tell me what the “law is” . Dude, I am the one that would go to prison for a very long time if I didn’t follow the rules, so trust me, NO ONEknows the rules better than me. I had an ex co worker walk up to my current boss and tell him you need to firm him cuz he is a sex offender. My boss said “so what?” I am a recovering drug addict” I have seen families forced out of their homes becuase they refused to kick their kid out who was a sex offender. It’s loke if there is now law against it, and the family is cool with it, why do you care? There is this one neighbor that absolutely HATES the fact that I live in the neighborhood. I told her it’s been almost 10 years, get over it. I am moving on with my Life trying to pick up the pieces. So many people are SHOCKED when I say “ I am a sex offender” They don’t expect a sex offender to be open and honest about their charges. My own wife’s grandmother tried to tell my wife’s parents they were going to jail becuase they let us spend the night st their house becuase my sister in laws were minors at the time. I love how everyone thinks just because you are a sex offender that means you raped a child. Nope it doesn’t. When I was in Jail, someone tried to embarrass me with my charges, I said dude everyone already knows why I am here. Deal with it.
My wife’s family was SHOCKED my in laws didn’t care I was on Megans Law. Too Bad our marriage ended over other stuff. I even had people try to tell me I am not allowed to shop in a store alone. I shop alone each and every day without any problems.