Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I will never forget the neighborhood response when my ex wife announced our engagement. “Gasp!!! He’s on Megans Law!!!” My ex wife was like. Yes, I know and I don’t care. They couldn’t believe it.

I love it when someone new in the neighborhood get me the good idea to “report me” for living with my niece and nephew. The police tell them there is no law against it. They are shocked when they hear that. One neighbor tried to sue my landlord to kick me out. Their lawyer laughed them out of their office.
We will never be able to sue becuase they were just following the law. I love to go places and when they make a comment such as they would never allow a sex offender in, I let them know I am a sex offender.

“Yes, but you don’t count”. LOL.