Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance



“I do feel for legitimate victims abused against their will but when did being a victim become cool?”

My personal and final word on this “victim” tag line:

You’re only a victim because the law makers say you are. They can change the legal age of sexual consent at any time. They can lower it or they can raise it.
I have a difficult time referring to POST pubescent teens as “victims” since – again I say – sex is a NATURAL human function and dating back to, probably prehistoric times, older men have attracted to younger females due to FERTILITY within our natural instincts.
When you have a legal age of 16 in one state and 17 in another, does that mean that somehow humankind is different in NY as opposed to CT? In every state in this country you can drive an automobile at age 16…but you’re a victim of an older sex partner that YOU *consented* to? Sorry, not sorry for not buying that line of bs.
I haven’t forgotten what being a horny teenager was like and I haven’t forgotten nearly *begging* older women until one of them caved and I had the time of my life.
If you don’t agree with that, guess what – it’s a free country so disagree all you want.
Had that woman been arrested for being with me, I would be the “poor victim” who couldn’t possibly know what I was doing when I damn near *flew* out of my pants and between her legs. No. I had NO CLUE. 🙄
This is a problem also; When alleged victims are older and look back and say “I consented and I don’t feel victimized”, no one gives a damn to hear that. It goes against the general narrative that keeps the system rolling and the public fearing and the news media over reacting. All of which generates profit for the powers that be.