Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance

Phys Ed

I had thought it was all getting better down there. It’s where I picked up my charge – I was sort of stunned to find out that journalistic curiosity for a professional writer was now officially criminalized. I never molested anybody, never tried to molest anybody anytime anywhere. I did have porn on my computer but it was all adult stuff, legal. I had been divorced for years and was not with anybody special at the time, yet two public defenders threw me under the bus. I had had four novels published commercially in New York City and had been ripped off as most new writers are – and some of them not so new, like Norman Mailer for one. One of his ubiquitous daughters was an acquaintance of mine and she told me that her dad was ripped off all the time by publishing houses.
When I finally moved to Florida to enjoy my retirement years I was already familiar with the writers lifestyle. You can get rich by writing, but you can’t make a living. I lived in a trailer park in Fort Lauderdale and between Social Security and an army pension I was doing okay. I had never made a study of the law – not the least bit interested in it because I had never had any confrontations with it. I was abysmally ignorant of the arcanities of juridical and judicial procedures. I didn’t even watch crime dramas, Perry Mason in reruns,or even Law & Order even though I had worked on the latter as an actor some years before. I had worked a lot before in New York and in Washington DC on documentary programs for broadcast television and had written or produced or narrated hundreds of such programs that aired all over the world. For me the word “child” and “porn” had an oxymoronic correlation. I couldn’t imagine what any adult would want with footage of prepubescent minors engaged in such activities. Individuals who follow the arts all of their lives have an inordinate need to understand the human condition – and especially its bizarre extremes. I was no different – and like the the curious virgin who gets pregnant from her first sexual experience, I was nailed when the postal inspector, operating outside of his congressionally mandated limits, broke about a dozen federal laws and mailing me an offer that I didn’t feel I could’ve refused at the time. It has destroyed my life, and what little remains of it. I heard a NARSOL spokeswoman on a radio broadcast tell the host of a popular radio show that 80 to 90% of all people on the sex offender registries across the country have never molested anyone, but simply chose to download some extant footage from the Internet to view in the privacy of their own homes. Not so long ago, such an activity was protected by the First Amendment. As a nation we would do well to remember what Ben Franklin told his contemporaries and colleagues in Congress just before his death from what was then extreme old age. He told them “well, you have your Republic – if you can keep it. But remember this: a society willing to trade civil liberties for security will ultimately retain neither, nor will it deserve to.”
When I was a lad not yet come to my majority in the 1950s, there were only two paramilitary type organizations in the United States. One was the Ku Klux Klan at the other was George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi party, both of which any military in the world would’ve considered jokes. NOW, there are over 800 paramilitary militias in the United States, most of which are led by former Navy SEALs or U.S. Army Rangers retired and they’re out there training in military maneuvers and tactical operations nearly every weekend. Why do you suppose that is?