Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance


totally against public registry,

Someone should say exactly what you’ve said here word for word to the legislators and who ever else it needs to be said to. Like maybe every church pastor across the country as well as their parishioners (since even they like to discriminate while proclaiming the love of “Jesus”). What you’ve said here is so spot on and a nice way of putting people in their hypothetical places. I can see these words of yours actually shutting many people down as they really wouldn’t have what to argue back to that

“Running human beings out of town is something out of a 19th Century action. Are we barbarians or civilized people? This whole country should be ashamed of how we are treating human beings. We are always putting down Third-World countries….”

The unashamed narcissism of the USA.

“that’s where we are headed even though those countries don’t treat their humans like we do. It’s hard to have faith in the human race when all you see is hatred against one another”

Actual “hatred” is what fuels our society. Not the imaginary hatred that the liberal SJW’s and Antifa (who happen to be very violent, btw) complain about.
Our nation has become too comfortable living in fear of its own shadow. And people love to view Law & Order: SVU as if it’s a documentary.

What really needs to happen with all this statistical research is research the sex crimes prior to Megan’s Law and after Megan’s Law. Also, research the types of offenses prior to and after Megan’s Law.
When I was 17, a GF and I had sex in her car on what we figured was a dark enough area near a jogging/hiking trail. Well, a cop car showed up behind us while we were in the act and all he did was stay in his cruiser and get on his loud speaker and said;

“Get your clothes on and move along, please”

And that was it. We laughed. It was rather embarrassingly funny. That was back in 1989/90-ish.
Today, we would have BOTH been arrested and made to be “threats to Publix safety”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!!
More research needs to be done and people need to be informed of more than just age difference relationships, child abuse and internet sex stings. We seriously need to tell our country to get over this “sex is so horrible” craze that we’ve been in since the late 1990’s. The most natural act of human beings must stop being criminalized.
I guess the “war on drugs” wasn’t working so we turned our attention on something else because of course it’s all about “the children”. Well…wait a minute…so was the war on drugs!!!
My drug dealer didn’t give a damn that I was a 15, 16 and 17 yr old “kid” as long as I handed him the money, he handed me the dope. But that’s not seen as a threat to me safety?? But sex is? WHAT!!!????

So sick of this sh*t. So sick of it.