Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



I would respectfully submit once you have been on the registry for years, another 6-12 months will NOT make a difference. I see filing of writs as the toddler’s way of demanding “I want my candy NOW”How do you think the parents (court system) is going to look at that. PSP CANNOT do anything right now. It would be illegal for them to do so. .. The stay issued by th Pa Supreme Court has NOT be lifted yet. Anyone tells you different, they are lying. Courts are starting to make decisions based on Muniz because they know Freed will not win at SCOTUS. Snyder and this case is too similar for SCOTUS to rule differently. Mr. Muniz has to wait till SCOTUS is done. As brothers, we stand together. I am proud to wait with him. How about you show some respect to Muniz who went to the trouble to sue on our behalf and wait for SCOTUS to get done.
You have to remember this fight is BIGGER than one person. The public can flip your writ as “the evil sex offender can’t even wait to start reoffending”.
Have a good night, brother. We are in this fight together!!