Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance

A mom

Someone needs to fight for all the Floridian’s labeled sex offenders who are being punished under the Florida’s barbaric laws. They incarcerate, release on probation, and continue to incarcerate without bars. There has to be some lawyers, some civil rights activist, willing to fight for this injustice. They do not have rights to homes to live in, freedom of speech with the internet, or social media, and unlawful restrictions. No other criminals have the same restrictions, even those who have committed violent crimes with guns,
Where do they expect the SO’s to live, there are schools, parks, playgrounds and day cares on every corner. These laws are useless anyway, if they do locate a home outside these restrictions, I bet there will be kids in the neighborhood, at the local store, on the bus, so what is the difference.
PLEASE, we need to fight for their rights.