Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance

Terry H.

I do not live in Florida
I read all these reply’s and each one is valid and true but we are missing the point here, to make the changes that are needed we must first change the way people think about a Sex Crimes and the Punishment of such a crime. It is common knowledge that the majority of Sex Crimes are committed by a Non-Offender and/or someone who knows the victim, even the Law Makers know this. Until these Law Makers understand that their “Feel Safe” laws protect no one and the public is educated to that fact, we will not see real change. Change the way they think and we change everything. The world has decided that Sex Crimes are the worst of the worst and there has to be a way to help the World see that all Sex Crimes are not violent or involve a child and that the majority of SO’s are not a threat to anyone, they just want to get on with their life. I will be praying for all SO’S and mostly for those that are not afforded the opportunity to live.