Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance

Barbara Parr

I also do not live in Florida,but if I did I
would do all possible for these human beings.Yes! Human’s…This has to end, the recidivism rate was 1% last time I looked. Mandatory Minimums are so off the wall.Not every offense is the same,but all treated the same. No way do I stand up for someone who has hurt a child, but those who have not deserve a second chance and especially those who have never been in trouble before. Internet, I know a young man that was arrested and put away for 15 years, he was 25.He was physically, sexually and emotionally abused by a step father.This all came out when he was arrested.He put three pictures on a porn sight.Yes,yes it was wrong but not 15 years wrong! He was made to watch porn when he was younger.The judge at his sentencing even ask the attorney if she could give him a lesser sentence, but was denied.
There is so much broke in the Criminal Justice System, it needs fixed and should be a priority. I will pray for the people who are having to be treated like this.