Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance


What is the real goal behind this? The leadership in Miami Dade county, on the surface , do not want sex offenders in the area. But what about the elements that shapes the minds or the conditions that produces the actions of a sex offender? If 1(elements)+1(conditions) = 2(RSO), then by you erasing the 2 will not change what the sum is of 1+1. The 2 will reappear.
I hold that hurt people hurt people. I hold that people come in to this earthly life ignorant to the ways of culture, and they develop a mindset that is born out of self esteem, self image, learnt knowledge(experience, visual). Unfortunate we do not live in a perfect world, nor are we endowed with perfect choice.
At times things get twisted and people digress. But as human beings we have the ability to make different choices thus producing different actions. I know that the efforts of the leadership in Miami Dade county would be better utilized helping RSO to become productive citizens and addressing the conditions and the elements that creates the sex offending mindset.
I am a believer in let us pray for them that seek to harm us. For truly they know not what they do. But because they know not what they do we must be ever vigilant in bringing about the change that must occur. We must love one another, we must support one another.
In closing as humans we have a duty be humane to each other.