Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Chuck

Hey Chuch – true words spoken – The wait to see it an option most would look at as the status quo. I look beyond that I am remiss at your attitude comment to chill out on the writ talk.

Muniz is the law of the law now – The wait to see what the SCOTUS will decide is viable to those that do that . . . . I don’t comment against that – BUT you are voicing a opposition as if I cannot or should not go beyond the status quo. You seem not of a hater tan an appreciater . . .

I am in the Commonwelth Court of Harrisburg making a fight on State Rights – You can go to the Commonwealth Court site and type 463 MD 2017 and see that I filed to fight under state constitutional rights – in wait of the Federal decision to roll in on Freed’s Cert to the SCOTUS which has a track record that can be tested.

Less than 1% of the Petitions of Writ of Certioari get to the floor in the SCOTUS to be heard. . . . They are denied a hearing and the State Supreme Court’s ruling stands. . . . .

There have been 5 other state too include a Circuit Court ruling in Synder v Doe that have failed to move the SCOTUS to hear not arguments on SORNA’s constitutional standings as unfit.

I have a right to excessive due process, equal protections, and a right to seek reliefs by measures the Courts have set up (Meaning Mandamus) to tell the PSP by Nunc Pro Tunc It is my right to not play the waiting game. I want mine now. . . . . . If I seem impatient – I am not. I just choose to take the extended option of not waiting for a thing you can have now.

I am not choosing ether or – – – – – I am taking both. It is ok to wait this out – but for me it does no harm to fight while you wait. . . . .

I filed an Application of Clarification on the Stay on Freed’s Cert awaiting decision on the MUNIZ question on federal right – – – – The Commonwealth Court as asked the PSP to give a response to my request before making a decision . . . . They added a statement in the request that Justice Mundy said who sustained her vote in the MUNIZ case on July 19, 2017

CONCURRING STATEMENT of PASC JUSTICE MUNDY during close of MUNIZ case before the high Court:

“Although I disagree with Muniz’s conclusions, they are now the law of this Commonwealth.
As such, they must be applied in a meaningful way.
No sensible reading of Muniz would permit the Commonwealth Court’s contrary judgment to stand.
I therefore join the Court’s order in this case, because it correctly applies Muniz and reverses the Commonwealth Court’s order in this regard.”

Those are words that the Commonwealth Court in Harrisburg are taking seriously under Case 463 MD 2017 \

They wanted me to wait it out – they would have dismissed my Mandamus and told me as you tell me- – – – “Wait it out – it is at the SCOTUS – they will deny or accept MUNIZ- ”

That is on the Federal question that Freed has in his mind – He is a blind man with a die hard mentality that would let him accept defeat. I wonder what he knows different from that of Alaska – Ohio – Indiana – Maryland – and Michigan which are States that made the very claims in support of SORNA and AWA and failed. . . .

I filed Mandamus as a fight against Freed to let him know that the Commonwealth has a strong stand on PA Constitution grounds alone to say that the PA. Constitution does give greater rights under Article 1 Section 1, 11, and 17 to its people to claim NOW. . . We don’t have to choose a wait see for that state right it is before us NOW!

The Pa Constitution rights under MUNIZ are in effect right now. . . I will update you after the PSP responses to the Commonwealth’s Court request on why should Terry Brunson have to wait for a State right that is enforceable right now. The Federal question will not change the high Court’s ruling in MUNIZ on state rights. . . .

I give props to all that wait it out – that is a good option, but it is not the only option- – – that is all I am saying Chuck. .. . . God bles you and this great Commonwealth that has gotten fed up with SORNA and AWA