Reply To: Florida Action Committee fights absurd Miami-Dade ordinance


I don’t live in Florida but it is a shame that some of these homeless people and offenders under these sex law’s are put to this burden. I can see this whole sex ordeal has opened up a can of worms to those “thinkers of law and human behavior” not to mention unsanitary conditions. I guess government doesn’t want to be embarrassed and wants to solve the problem with human reasoning to solve this homeless situation that may or may not be taking money out of their city by tourism or people complaining.
I guess as it is true money is the root to all evil. Is that the way life suppose to be for those caught up in some sexual sin, People sin is sin plain and simple. If someone was bumming on the street I would give him a buck or two and I’ve did that before.
People on the off ramps holding up signs I feel so sorry for them. When man’s laws’ go against God’s principal than their is confusion. I don’t understand all this cover-up. Sure we all need rules but Man’s laws seem to change daily. God’s laws never change. People in Florida need to reason this out as this is a situation of man wanting to control man for maybe just having a potty mouth. Who knows the intent of another if they are unruly or are out to attack another. Assuming isn’t the way to solve treat people and have them live like a filthy animal.