Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


You need to chill with the writ talk. All you are doing is stressing out desperate people. Just chill and wait for SCOTUS to finish their work. I do not like being in the registry either, but it is what I have to do until SCOTUS denies Freed.
If you are a tier 1 like me, that means worse case you have one more update to do. I have done 8 already. Not to mention every time I moved or changed my info.
I expect to have a deniel by Spring, unless SCOTUS asks the US Solictor General to weigh in. Mr Freed and company is just trying to make sure we cannot destroy the registry based on the State constution alone. It is well settled Law that a state Constition can give their citizens greater rights than is given in the US Constution.
12 more months on the registry isn’t going to make or break someone unless you are just getting started. If you have been on for years, chances are everyone around you already knows and therefore you cannot damage your reputation further.
Relax and enjoy the ride. This is the beginning of the end for the registry.