Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster


Bill and Maestro have made some interesting comments on here and so have a lot of others. Actually is anybody really looking at the big picture. What I mean by that is ethical and moral values. Bill says he will be ashamed for the rest of his life. Maestro wants someone to consult an expert in the matter.
I believe everyone wants to be an expert if you ask me. Now this trick or treating thing is for public safety, lets call that ethical. The moral is really what’s important. We could all take a good example from this killing in TX and at a church.
Did someone give him an opportunity? Did someone slip in his conscious. Now moral is not to kill and yes behavior has a lot to do with it.
An article I just heard is that CNN is taking down an impeachment ad as they could not in good conscious take their money. Now could those that are rapped up in all this in good conscious take our money? Ponder on that one. Who’s morals are right or who’s ethic’s are right.
Binding one up with rules and regulations and curfew’s would make someone go berserk or stir crazy. Bill, I’m sure a lot of us are ashamed of a lot of things but their is forgiveness if one ask or reconciles to one another. Hey even a little bit of the bible doesn’t hurt anyone. Oh and I do like Wendy’s chili and I see nothing wrong with passing out candy.