Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster


Alan R Hyde

NOTE: I live in San Antonio Texas.

I Believe you have a point.. I believe we all would totally sleep better in our beds knowing the dangerous ones was listed like the ones which have guns and would enslave us on false claims.. can we start listing the member’s of the law enforcement first?

I ask you can we trust them?

‘More than 130 cases mishandled by SAPD detective assigned child sex abuse, injury, officials say

and what of this as well?
Jury finds ex-San Antonio cops guilty of all charges in sex case….

Two former San Antonio police officers were found guilty Friday on multiple counts of sexual assault and other charges after a lurid trial in which three women described how the men seduced them with the promise of money and legal favors for participating in what turned out to be a fake undercover operation.
Emmanuel Galindo, 31, was convicted of four counts of sexual assault, five counts of compelling prostitution and 12 counts of official oppression. Alejandro Chapa, 29, was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, four counts of compelling prostitution and eight counts of official oppression.
State District Judge Steven Hilbig immediately began the punishment phase of the trial, and the wives of both men made tearful pleas for the jury to keep them out of prison.

oh well ok but what of this??
Two San Antonio police officers repeatedly had sex on duty, which sometimes affected the way they responded to 911 calls, police say.
Officers Rebecca Martinez and Eman Fondren were both suspended indefinitely in April for disabling their GPS units and having sex with each other while on duty, according to suspension paperwork obtained by the Express-News through an open records request.
They appealed the decisions by Chief William McManus and will likely appear before an arbitrator this year.
According to the suspension documents, Martinez and Fondren disabled the GPS units on their vehicles two times in October 2015 and met while on duty, once in the rear parking lot of a Home Depot store and another time at a private residence.

and I love this one for sure ..–regional/texas-digest-san-antonio-police-mishandled-sex-crime-investigations/0sqczRxZoPLA7WhaxORBCN/
TEXAS DIGEST: San Antonio police mishandled sex crime investigations
Wires From wire services
4:27 p.m Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017 Texas News & Politics

and I like the following as well…
‘Sex Crimes’ detective accused of tossing hundreds of cases without investigating claims