Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster


Here’s a bit of advice for those that want to get a better handle on all this sex issue thing. Now I don’t care what any of you all do on here. We can all either bare our burden or share each other’s burden because when one share’s each others’ burden that show’s compassion. Sure we are fighting a dragon with two heads if you want to call it that, or maybe even a satanic demon or a self centered government of sorts that is suppose to be a minister of God that doesn’t seem to understand good and evil themselves. I mean what government gives as person a gun and says now go out and kill the enemy because we don’t want them to attack us. Wars and rumors of war. Are they are just as much sinners as we are but have the authority to do good first.
If I fear someone I fear the other person because no one really knows what the other person is going to do unless you know that person. These judges today most don’t even understand forgiveness, all they understand is we got it on tape and a tape can be easily edited as they the police don’t want to make a mistake and want to always be right, well they have to suffer their damnation but when money is at play they don’t seem to care who suffers.
Now if anybody gets the victory in all of this God will get the victory. As for me I would love to see justice as I’m sure everyone else on here. If I was married I would hate to not get to be with my kids or not be able to provide for them because of job discrimination or other things that crop up due to all this sex drama.