Reply To: PA’s high court rules retroactive SORNA violates constitution


Granted there are no time contstrsints, however they do operate the same way for each case. Once a petition is filled, the respondent gets a chance to respond. Once they have responded, the petitioner has a chance to respond. This is what Brian was lookin for I believe. Once everyone has responded, it will be scheduled for conference. They may relist it for conference multiple times, especially if they ask the US Solictor General to weigh in. Since he did I. The Snyder case and this. Ssd is similar, I do not expect him to weigh in, however we will se.
Like I have said in previous posts, by the time we are buying chocolate for our loved ones, we should st least know what conference date we have.
All the hard work is done. Like many of stated,less than 1% of petitions are granted. This was a HUGE win for us, and the Commonwealth is gong to need time to cope with the decision.
I had friends tell me that the General Assembly should make a “New Megans Law”. Once I explained that cannot be done, they stated the Commonwealth should ignore the court decision as state officials cannot be arrested for doing their jobs. I pointed out doing their jobs means following court orders.