Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster


You know I like some of sandy’s articles, you cut off one head and another one grows, sounds a bit science fiction in a way. ,So do we all keep on chopping or whittling it down heads?
What gets me is the opportunity and those that are a bit nosey between what boys and girls dol IF they want to have sex its their business only. If one finds out such as mom and dad or someone forced another or did something as feel someone’s leg in a movie theater or something and it comes to light than law enforcment takes over.
Look at how many people in the bible commited sexual sins or any other sin. Their were kings, rulers, servants, and others. All that aside for right now. The common goal is for people to come together today. In other words man wants to justify their actions to be right.
If you look at the nation today it hasn’t come together. Did we not break off with England back in the Mayflower Days. That started a battle. Their were witch hunts. It seems people want to be smarter than their creator.
Even jill said on here that we have a President that has a sexual twinge in his background. Well call it what you want its all a sin. You know when I was growing up I enjoyed the song “Be young, be foolish, be happy”. Today it seems like the sex offender can’t with all these restrictions and such. Even Paul commeted about how his life changed. Yes a lot of lifes change for good and ba but its all a learnng process.. Now you all commeted about these Vegas Shottings, the occurance in TX and other things but for me I’d rather not see any of this happen. Man cannot hold a hedge around man or should they?
Now how can law enforcement figure out something they didn’t give as an opportunity in the first place. God doesn’t give opportunities to do evil. Was not paul one of the chief sinners? People seem to worry about trival matters today.
Sure I will stand up in court and speak the truth on all this sex offender situation. Now you all might not agree on this but when they took pray out of school that was a downfall. Today we have homosexual marriages, abortions, gay right, movements, discrimination, people misusing guns, greed, sex offender issue’s either fabricated or real, but were is love thy neighbor today. Yes I agree with sandy this Halloween thing is a waste of money not to mention an invasion of privacy. I believe everybody needs to ask for a redress of greivence in a lot of these sex issues as it is holding one ack for better things. We are not put on this earth to be frighten of man are we? Either we all can step up to the plate or let God be our avenger so people show what each and everyone of you are made of and lets put an end to all this sex offender stuff that is opportunity based at most.