Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster

Stay outraged

Sadly, the “love is stronger than hate” battle cry and moniker doesn’t seem to apply to us… Why? We’re somehow exempt and immune from ever being trustworthy, much less being humanized.

Actually, Megan’s law encourages hate – weaponized hatred towards us. Most of it is sophomoric, bandwagon fake outrage perpetuated by the cops, media and lawmakers. Another things is society just can’t get past the “yuck and ick” factor that surrounds the word “sex offender.”

We’re not all guilty by association, but we are in the court of public opinion.

There’s TOO MANY people who have dedicated their life’s work, and made a career out of these laws which is why they continue to fight us every step of the way – exploiting unwarranted fear and the presumption of risk while.circling the wagon to save face. The legislative intent of community notification is an outlandish pipe dream while giving aid and comfort to people that don’t need it (strangers, intruders and invaders). Meaning, it Stop trivializes OUR ACTUAL safety and security while glamorizing the PERCEIVED safety and welfare of children.

This is exactly why law enforcement fails the American people every single day.