Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster

Tim L

What can a man expect from a protection racket. According to Wikipedia:
A protection racket is,” a scheme whereby a group provides protection for business, other groups through violence outside the sanction of law. Through a credible threat of violence, the racketeers deter people from swindling, robbing, injuring, sabotaging or otherwise harming their clients.”

According to SCOTUS’s own definition of (2003) SORNA is a ,” scheme. ” A regulatory scheme established by the state to protect our most vulnerable. While this scheme is established by law it contained no specific identification concerning Halloween. Halloween itself is not a state or federal sanctioned holiday, therefore falling outside the jurisdiction of ” law”. In reality most of this Halloween racketeers are acting on their own volition. They do so not so much out of a sense of duty but rather because it makes for good publicity and marketing. These Halloween activities provides OVERTIME PAY for cops, DOC specialists and other government agents.

My fellow Americans we are $20,000,000,000,000 in the hole as a nation. Just 1 of those trillion equates to 1000 pallets each holding a billion dollars. Dividing that by 50 states, we have each & every state needing 20 pallets(of 1billion) EACH to just cover the first trillion of national debt. I dare any state in this union to show good faith to the people by putting up those 20 pallets of cash upon the Governor’s lawn. What could we do about the other 19trillion?

This is the actual state of the nation, one in denial! The same denial exists with gun crime which takes 10,000x more lives than “deviant sex” does. LE has essentially GIVEN UP on solving that social illness. Yet they must appear to be doing everything possible to justify their costs, so concentrating on the sexual deviant makes an easy, and marketable solution to their problems with efficacy in public protecting.

This lack of measurable success is a REAL problem for our professional police forces. We see in our society rampant murder, assault, robbery, espionage and drug addiction of every sort. It makes for good for the press as it gives them ammo to sell to readers. It does not help to project the best light on our home as” the richest and greatest nation in the world” indeed we have devolved far from that ideal despite our collective unwillingness to own it.