Reply To: Texas towns remain committed to useless restrictions


Stop for a minute. Sure safety is a factor and yes I would be proud I saved someone but when their is no one to save just assuming because of a potty mouth or a few playboy magazine’s or some porno on a computer screen that’s the guilty conscious of the individual. Now factor in police when they get wind of something or present an opportunity such as these internet sex sting operations than one has to say who is proud.
I wonder if that gunman was proud of killing all those people or was he deranged, mentally ill, or did someone give him the opportunity?
We can all talk about useless restrictions, even sometimes running one’s mouth….. sorry about that maestro . just kidding my friend, but seriously we all should care for each other and bare each other’s burden. Today it doesn’t seem that way. You rub one’s thigh and someone tells police, or you tongue kiss a gal that is a bit younger than the other and the police find out, they are gonna sock it to you. Its all about conscious. Don’t you know pride goeth before the fall.
Hey who would ever image that some person would go into a church and start shooting people, or who would ever image someone mowing down people in NY and it goes on and on. Now as I have said the police are to protect and serve. I guess pretty soon picking your nose in public is going to be a crime of some sort.