Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame

Allen decorated Vet

During a bitter separation with my wife in June 1996 in Texas, running a successful Remodeling Company and Living very comfortable with her daughter from another marriage and our son, I was indicted for indecency with a child alleged to have occurred in June of 1994. The description of the charge was should I rub her inner thigh and Gray’s her private area… An all women gave me 20 years… I served approximately 9 years in prison and was released and February 2005. My sentence ended in November of 2016. Because I had been revoked for 3 technical violations, six and a half years of Street time was removed from my time served on parole, the six and a half years was added to the back of my sentence, increasing my 20 year sentence 6 and a half year sentence… I can’t even leave Houston Texas to visit any of my family on the East Coast… God forbid I try to leave the United States after I got off parole being that I can’t even get out of Texas… I’m being treated like a cereal child molester Raper… I have run out of money paying attorneys to get my six and a half years Street time reinstated so I can get the hell out of Texas and go back to the east coast where all my family is…