Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame

Justice is needed

I have thought about that. I think that it is definitely a case for the International Courts. It should be brought up in the United Nation as a violation of human rights. America is a sick, puritan, hypocritical country. This is more than double jeopardy. If you are a man today, you are screwed. I am a woman who is now with someone who had to take a plea deal because he was tried in the press, is being sued and is bankrupt. The punishment never stops for something that happened well over a decade ago. The statue had run out but they prosecuted him under a new one, unconstitutional at best. His children were thrown out of school. He had a consensual relationship with someone who was 16. Illegal in California but legal in most of the world. Imagine Ireland is not revoking passports or their sex offenders with minors but under their law, he is not guilty. Under French law, British Law, German Law, Italian Law, Nevada, most of the US states, he is not guilty but he will be considered a pedophile if they see that mark in his passport. America has become a sick and disgusting place. If they could not sue for money, most wouldn’t even have been charged. You must NOT lay down. You must FIGHT. All my friends when they learned of my boyfriends story are outraged. They are disgusted in our justice system. We cannot let the paranoid soccer moms run our country or the corrupt Judges, DA’s and Civil attorneys. The list only grows and grows. Soon it will be over 1 million. That will effect over 5 million people. That is a large voice. Everyone has a son, a father, a brother, a man in their lives who is now at risk of being accused of anything. You must FIGHT. It’s time for this to stop. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And I promise my boyfriend everyday that I am not going away. I stand beside him. I promise him that there will be lighter days although I know he can’t believe it now. I hand out hope and sometimes I myself am distraught. I say that we are lucky we have each other. Our lives are limited but they cannot take our happiness that we create in our space. Nor can they take any joy any of you can find with your family and children and friends. They cannot take your hearts. I was 16 once and knew exactly what I was doing as do all of my fellow women. We are and were not powerless and dumb, incapable of consenting. That’s all bull designed to make money for attorneys and these so-called “victims”. Makes me sick.