Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


I agree that we should not keep silent, but it the politicians seem to get away with almost anything. For example: The Weinstein scandal has brought a lot of attention to Hollywood actors recently, but did you catch the indecent liberties that old man Bush did to younger ladies when taking pictures with him. Not a thing happened when he was outed. He just skated on through. Trump has also been outed for his unwanted touching. My bet is there are more of them out there that need a finger pointed at them too.

Now, if we can take what has been said about Bush, Trump and others and magnify their wrongs in the public eye…like creating a hash tag for people to come forward about politicians that have sexually harassed and sexually abused victims and then hold the politicians feet to the fire in the media…..we will then see some change. No one (especially politicians) want their dirty little secrets exposed.