Reply To: This Is Life With Lisa Ling–Age Of Consent


Our government wonders why there is so much anti government sentiment..No one any where in the world likes the American government..

When I watch the news and I see what our news media calls “terrorists” It rings in the back of my head : ” How much evil did our government do to that person that they felt giving up their life to make a statement was the only resort?” Why do you think those people are so willing to give up their lives? Do you think they value their lives less then we do? Or are they sick and tired of the American government in their country’s making them less then human and taking away their family’s as well?
Our entire government actively goes out of its way to be as corrupt and dishonest as possible and at the same time poses impossible to follow laws and restrictions upon the common person..
I may sound callous but I really can not find any sympathy for a government official when they are targeted by an extremist.. Honestly the first thing goes into my mind is I am glad the extremist is finally attacking the right person and leaving the poor citizens alone..
I watch the registry and I cant help but wonder is that what they are trying to do at home? Are they deliberately taking everything they can away from people at home (family,children,liberty,freedom) and flaunting their ability to live above the laws they impose just to see how long it takes before they create here at home the same turmoil they created over seas?