Reply To: Texas towns remain committed to useless restrictions

Tim L

When a man can stand in front of a jury and tell the DA that yuo think he’s nuts! Try it, like I did, its worth every penny! It can be less than 700. The fact is a con can as our founders did rightly was the right to trial AND call witness, indeed ANY PUBLIC or former OFFICIAL can be called to the stand. While a man under threat of felony conviction he in a sense becomes as powerful as the President for beck and call under court summons to testify in his defence.
One could advance cause in his best defence those involved in his indenture to state property owned wholely by the people commonly known as state sex offender registry or Megan’s law website. They are computer databases. Computer databases are machines plain and simple. But it presumes to much is provable by call of expert witness. A computer database is powerful BUT it can not predict the future…. Ever? This is the basis for rejecting the General Warrant in the first place!

If an act acknowledge law neither based in STATE or FED jurisdiction, be outside jurisdiction sole & Sovereign. No other shall exist. That a court should recognize jurisdiction other not beholden in “law”.