Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


You know I don’t really travel on planes, I think the last time I traveled on a plane was back in the 80’s. A lot of these commits are good and some I have to take reservation on. Standing up for your rights is good. If I had to do this all over again I would of stood in front of the judge and not took that plea bargain or deal as they call it.
Look at the mess it is now with these identifiers and such. Believe people are just as scared as the next one. Call this identifier a green card of shame. Actually call some of this sex offender stuff as the police playing the “sin squad” but who’s God are they serving…. the God of Mammon or some authority figure that is above the supreme authority. Common sense would tell one that. I’m sure they are proud of what they do and they are proud of the money they can gleaned to impress their bosses.
They do this for safety. Doesn’t one have to give warning before one shoots a person. Oh that’s right most of these sex sting operations are “undercover so we don’t have to give you warning to set one up. Or if some boy or girl gets a revenge thing and tells police he placed his hands on me.
Now to relieve a lot of peoples tension let me refer you to Roman’s chapter 14:13 for those who would like a bit of relief from all this over authority stuff law enforcement is doing.
Now you all on here I’m sometimes frighten me with some of there off the wall ideal’s. I went into the store today and had to show my drivers license just to buy a pack of cigarettes and I’m 62 is that an identifier. Some of this ordinance stuff I can’t hold a candle too so that’s why we need change. I would commit on other things but just look at the world around you.