Reply To: Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement


Halloween has passed and wonderful efforts at education were made to show people where the real dangers are for children on this holiday. A lot was said about traffic related incidents, injuries, and death.
As someone who grew up in a suburb of the Detroit area MANY years ago, before the registry was ever even thought of, the big issue on our Halloween night was fear of razors in apples, needles in candy bars, tacks in caramels, and various other harmful things to be aware of being hidden in our stash. Moms and Dads searched through our candy every year because the 6pm news for a few days after Halloween showed stories about these findings. It happened, and we were always careful when we ate something even after our parents checked it out. We were cautious, took preventative measures, used common sense, talked to one another. Still, there were those families that were victims of these horrible acts. I have been remembering this a lot this year for some reason. It looks like some things haven’t change.
I came across an article reflective of those news stories from my childhood. This mom’s verbalized disgust, fear and anger sound similar to those of many who talk about how dangerous SO’s are on this one night. It made me wonder how often did this scenario happen this year across our country compared to the number of children sexually harmed by a registered person? As in the case of car related incidents, I’d say the occurrence of harmful items intentionally placed in candy also out weighs the number of sexual assaults by SOs.