Reply To: Marathon efforts bolster NARSOL’s profile, strengthen movement


I didn’t want to offend anyone as I bilieve I have done by saying what was on my mind in a couple of posts on NARSON which I shouldn’t have said but I did and I can’t chnange that. Am I sorry? Probably have to say no. They never said anything about being offended but I can tell when I post reply to them and they don’t respond but hey I’m a grown man and I have learned over the years to let it roll off my shoulder so I really don’t post reply to them anymore, The only time I don’t let things go is when someone is verbally attacking me or wants to physically harm me or my family and then I feel I have to defend myself. Not to get off topic here though. I do want to thank NARSOS for everything they do. Thank you for giving us a safe place to talk about SO issues.