Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame


You wrote, ( I see things like – there are 800000 of us, lets rally together – wow, that sounds great, but we had a hard enough time getting 15 people to help with our case in CO, very few SO’s are willing to stand up)
This is the exact same problem I see all the time, for many years (15 since I have been on the registry) I have been in groups to spread the word about RSOL and now as it is called Narsol, CARSOL and Texas Voices, I myself have donated 1000s of dollars to these groups and after all these years 3 or 4 people from groups that covered 4 counties and 1000s of RSO did anything. I have very little faith in most RCs that they will ever get up off their ass and help with this fight. I wish I had the answer to what needs to be done to get these people to fight back but I do not. The whole registry needs to come down, I myself truly believe that every other fight comes up short. The more we fight the more laws they (Government) Pass. I am still willing to donate but it has to be the right case in my mind, it needs to be IML or the registry itself and I am not going to donate any more just to fight a restriction that does not address the root because it will just be rewritten. I lived out of the country myself until I had to return for family health problems which was a big mistake and now I to have been forced to leave family behind that I will probably never see again, hurts, hell yes but I live my life the best I can. When ever anyone decides to fight IML again I will be there.